Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice preview

Mar 4, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. ET

It’s Thursday, March 4 and that only means one thing: Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice are back as the dynamic duo of dramatic TV.

Sandra Oh and Jason Kidd in Grey's Anatomy

On Grey's Anatomy, the episode entitled Perfect Little Accident showcases the man behind the very prestigious Harper Avery award.

After he's admitted as a patient to Seattle Grace-Mercy West, his identity is discovered by the staff. Ironic since Meredith's mother Ellis previously won the Avery award twice, along with Cristina who's former beau Preston Burke has won it once.

Dr Avery's out-of-the box request for his very own surgery creates some angst between the Chief and Derek. In other story lines, Arizona and Callie attempt (key word being attempt) to help Teddy and Sloan move forward with their lives instead of dwelling on the past. And in a flashback to the big screen in It's Complicated where Meryl Streep stole the scene, there's a scene in Grey's Anatomywhen Derek walks in on Lexie in her birthday suit.

In the March 4 episode of Private Practice, The Fear of Flying, Addison is taken aback when -- get this -- Sam talks to her!

Pete, Sam and Addison are forced to work together in a complex case whereby a future papa catches a case of tuberculosis which threatens the future of his family. Keep in mind Violet is still away at Costa Rica, at which point Sheldon jumps in and takes care of one of her patients, Natasha. In the process he helps her get over her fear of flying, hence the name of the episode, and Naomi discovers she's in the midst of her very own Private Practicelove triangle.

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