Daniel Radcliffe stands for gay rights

Mar 1, 2010 at 6:22 p.m. ET

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has filmed a PSA about gay suicide prevention.

Radcliffe filmed the piece for The Trevor Project, a 24/7 suicide and crisis prevention helpline for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and questioning youth.

Radcliffe's parents were both actors. "I grew up knowing a lot of gay men, and it was never something that I even thought twice about -- that some men were gay and some weren't. And then I went to school and (for) the first time...I came across homophobia...I had never encountered it before. It shocked me," Radcliffe said.

"I have always hated anybody who is not tolerant of gay men or lesbians or bisexuals. Now, I am in the very fortunate position where I can actually help or do something about it."

Radcliffe considers himself lucky that he has never struggled with a serious identity crisis, as many questioning teens do. "I have described myself as being gently eccentric and slightly different as a person just because I've had a very different set of influences growing up than anybody else in my peer group did," the 20-year-old Radcliffe said.

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"I've always felt very lucky to have the life that I've had. I never had to cope with anything serious about my religion or sexual orientation or anything like that."

"I think it's important for somebody from a big, commercial movie series like Harry Potter and particularly because I am not gay or bisexual or transgendered... The fact that I am straight makes no difference, but it shows that straight people are incredibly interested and care a lot about this as well."

The public service announcement is airing in spring 2010.

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