Is Matthew Fox cheating?

Feb 25, 2010 at 1:04 p.m. ET

An Oregon stripper claims she is the mistress of long-married Lost star Matthew Fox.

Matthew Fox cheating?Stefani Talbot, a 26-year-old exotic dancer at Stars Cabaret in Bend, Oregon says she and the actor began a steamy affair after he visited the club.

Talbot told The Enquirer, "Yes, I've been having an affair with Matthew Fox. We had sex together. I've kept voice mails and text messages from him."

The stripper also had herself a chat with In Touch. "I was dancing onstage, and I made eye contact with him immediately. I got so excited," she said of their first meeting.

"We sat around and talked about his show. He complimented me and was saying how down-to-earth I am. He told me he was going to be in town for a couple of days," she recalled. "He didn't tell me to keep it a secret or anything. He didn't even use protection. He didn't seem concerned at all."

Fox has been married to former Italian fashion model Margherita Ronchi since 1991; the couple has two children together. He has played the troubled surgeon Jack Shephard on Lost since the show's debut in 2004.

The actor owns property in Bend and is building a home there to which he and his family can retreat when Lost wraps this season. He told Details in January, "My major motivation is to be closer to family. My brother is there, my mother is there. We're hoping to break ground in March, and it will be completed right around the time we're finishing the last season of Lost, in March 2010. I really miss that kind of wide-open space, and there's a big part of me that wants the kids to live in that mountain air."

A rep for Fox says the "accusations are false."

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