Elisha Cuthbert and Christian Slater’s Forgotten find

Elisha Cuthbert is no stranger to hit television with her career-making portrayal of Kim Bauer on 24. Cuthbert’s return to series television takes a different twist this time out as she joins Christian Slater in ABC’s freshman mystery thriller packed with hope, The Forgotten.

Elisha Cuthbert joins Christian SlaterSlater and Cuthbert phoned SheKnows for an exclusive chat just as some terrific news arrived from The Forgotten set. At the end of every show, a Public
Service Announcement (PSA) highlights an actual missing person. The Forgotten received word that a real-life Jane Doe has been identified thanks to the PSA spot.

Cuthbert and Slater are elated that they work on a program that makes a difference by putting names to the thousands of John and Jane Does who remain nameless. The show airs at 10 pm Tuesdays
on ABC.

Slater and Cuthbert: exclusive!

SheKnows: Christian, you and I first spoke when the show premiered. As you are sitting here today, how have things been going?

Christian Slater: Things have continued to go along quite well. The show has evolved and grown. The chemistry among the cast has developed further. We’ve gotten to know each
other, and the addition of Elisha Cuthbert has infused it with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. We’re having a great deal of fun with her. I’m excited to see where it’s going to

SheKnows: Elisha, you’ve been on series, such as 24, from their beginnings. Now, you’ve joined the cast of a show already in motion. Is there any difference?

Elisha Cuthbert: I feel like I’ve seamlessly come into the cast with The Forgotten. I’ve been comfortable since day one — mostly because I’ve worked
with Christian before. But I instantly felt comfortable. The crew here is fantastic, and the cast is a lot of fun. I have to say, we have a blast every day in between some of the more serious stuff
we have to play. I was 18 years old when I shot the pilot for 24. I’ve been off and on for many years with them. They have seen me in a different way. But now I’m 27 years old,
the experience is there, and I feel a hell of a lot more confident now than I did when I was 18. To be able to bring that on board with this new show… I just feel good.

TV hope versus fear

SheKnows: 24 plays on our fears, and of course. we love it. But The Forgotten plays on our hope. That has to be a really nice thing to be a part of.

Elisha Cuthbert in The Forgotten, airing Tuesdays at 10 pm on ABC

Elisha Cuthbert: Absolutely. I think my role on 24 is a lot different than here on The Forgotten, but that was something I was thriving on. I think if you are
going to go off of a show that is as successful as 24 and come on to a new show as an actor, you want to do something completely different. I love that these characters are real people
trying to make a difference. We’re not professionals. We just have big hearts who are trying to do the best we can for these people, these John and Jane Does. It helps bring a little extra to
the characters because there’s room for mistakes, and audiences can see the realism in that.

Finding the real-life lost

SheKnows: I just got the news this morning — this is a show that truly makes a difference.

Elisha Cuthbert: Yes!

The Forgotten's teamSheKnows: You are all making
a difference and not simply entertaining. If you could each tell me about the Jane Doe who has been found from your show…

Christian Slater: I had a feeling when we started the show that we did have an opportunity to genuinely solve some real cases. I’m happy to report that has started to happen.
A woman named Paula Davis went missing in 1987. Her sister was watching an episode of The Forgotten and stayed to watch the PSA that we did for an organization called nameus.gov. She went on there, put in the details she had about her missing sister and was able to positively identify her on December 11, 2009! She has the
closure, and now Paula will be brought to her family and the proper arrangements are going to be made. To get the opportunity to be a part of something on television that is making a real, genuine,
significant difference in people’s lives is more than I could have ever hoped for. I’m just thrilled and humbled to be part of something like that.

SheKnows: And Elisha, talk about what a way to start your run on The Forgotten!

Elisha Cuthbert: Oh, absolutely. I feel very lucky. It’s just a bonus. It’s amazing. The authenticity of it, too, to know that we’re doing something that helps
people out there — it’s a lovely, lovely thing.

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