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Jeff Bridges talks Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart could have been an Oscar also-ran, but in the hands of its astounding director, killer soundtrack and scorching performances of its leads, and Oscar nominees, Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Crazy Heart is crazily unforgettable.

Jeff Bridges and Maggie GyllenhaalJeff Bridges’ bounty of talent

Bridges could not have been more gleeful to talk about his fifth Oscar nomination.

SheKnows: How difficult was it to capture the musical elements of playing a professional musician?

Jeff Bridges: I had a lot of help. I was fortunate to have Steven Brutne, an old friend of mine and a wonderfully talented musician on the music of the movie. Steven was with me everyday, giving me tips about what a musician’s life on the road is all about. I had a lot of help. I (laughs) had a lot of help. I did very little on my own actually.

SheKnows: Your character in Crazy Heart could have been someone that audiences found difficult to adore. Yet, in your hands, you can’t take your eyes of him.

Jeff Bridges: Oh, thank you! He doesn’t mean to be a bad guy. I think he’s irresponsible, certainly. That’s just the path that life has taken. I don’t know, I didn’t set out to make him likable. In something like that, it’s the script that you’re given. I didn’t think about making him likable or despicable.

SheKnows: Is there more music you’re your future — perhaps a tour with a band?

Jeff Bridges: I’d like to do that. It was fun. Also, playing with all those musicians, T-Bone had assembled, was really a joy. I’m primed up to do some more music. I’m hoping that’s in the cards,” Bridges said. “I’m doing a movie with the Coen Brothers, True Grit, that’s going to take all of my energy. After that, I’d like to get some music going.”

SheKnows: Joining the group singing the We are the World remake for Haitian relief had to be one of the most incredible moments of your career. As a music fan, what was it like to be in that room?

Jeff Bridges: With We are the World, it was a wonderful experience to gather all those entertainers to help support Haiti. It was amazing to be made aware of, once again, how close Haiti is to use, it’s only an hour away and here we are the wealthiest nation right next to the poorest nation. Hopefully, this tragedy will wake us up. Maybe we can have a better relationship with this impoverished country.

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