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Coco Before Chanel exclusive clip

As Coco Before Chanel shows, telling the life story of an icon is never an easy task and when achieved, it is brilliant. Audrey Tautou’s brilliant performance as Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel has to go down as one of cinema’s best biopic performances.

Coco Before Chanel DVDCoco Before
premieres on DVD February 16 and we have an exclusive clip from the astonishing and lavish film. In this clip, Tautou’s
Chanel has yet to discover her destiny. Coco is enjoying her first view of the ocean in her two-decade life.

What is so fascinating and inspiring about the story of Chanel is many do not know that the fashion pillar began her life as an orphan.

As director Anne Fontaine expertly captures through her own muse Tautou, Coco Before Chanel achieves the rare feat of serving as respectful tribute and inspirational tale. Who knew that
Chanel, before the House of Chanel, tried to make it as a singer?

Chanel’s signature song involved a little lost dog named Coco. Witness the birth of a nickname that would become an unmatched fashion brand.

Coco Before Chanel is also a love story in the classic vein where our heroine channels her tragic passion into a life that would change the world.

Coco Before Chanel: online premiere clip, The Sea


Chanel captivates

Chanel lived in a time where a woman could get nowhere without the aide of a man. Resourceful and equally talented, Chanel embarks on the journey of a woman living beyond her time. Refusing to take
no for an answer to her wishes, Chanel masters the world of the upper-crust that control society while never abandoning her inner virtue.

With the priceless gifts of Tautou, Chanel comes to life with a performer who was destined to inhabit her. The French actress takes her role of portraying, not only a fashion icon, but a
French female idol, extremely seriously and the beneficiaries is the audience.

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