Tina Fey gets sexy for Vogue

Tina Fey has proclaimed in her cover interview with this month’s Vogue, she’s gone from Greek drama geek to Greek Goddess!

Tina Fey VogueThe self-proclaimed “normal girl”
and comedy queen tosses aside her nerdy glasses for a glamour shoot and fashion talk.

For many of us, seeing brainy funny woman Tina Fey on the cover of Vogue’s March issue is a kick, because even if she does have an
Emmy Award, she’s more like one of us than your typical Vogue cover girl – and she gets that.

“I feel like I represent normalcy in some way,” Fey said in her Vogue interview. “What are your choices today in
entertainment? People either represent youth, power or sexuality. And then there’s me, carrying normalcy…Me and Rachel Ray.”

With a quote like that, one can’t help but wonder why the magazine took such liberties with Photoshopping her cover image… Then again, this is Vogue we’re talking about!

Inside the magazine, the queen of 30 Rock, who has often called herself a nerd, poses as a sexy Manhattan Mini Mouse and looks
back at her history with television, starting with watching with the family in their Greek neighborhood outside Philadelphia. While framed by her award winning career as a writer, actress and
comedienne, the feature “Miss Tina Regrets” looks at how Fey’s sense of fashion has evolved throughout that history.

“I feel like any understanding I have of clothes and their impact came from the theater,” Fey told Vogue. “I worked in the
costume shop at UVA, and then later, when I was a writer at SNL, I became good friends with Dale Richards and Tom Broecker, the guys who do the costumes. Everything I know about proportion
and detail and period — as opposed to real-life fashion, all of which I find fascinating — I learned from those guys.”

With her trademark self deprecating quips, she goes on to talk red carpet lessons; the blue dress and Spanx she wears throughout her upcoming movie Date Night; and the uber sexy, super-V
neck gown she’s wearing on the Vogue cover.

“I am a fan of the deep V,” she explained. “These are the things I learned from my friends who are cutter-drapers…I wear a deep V. Because it makes the triangles go the right way. Not good
on me? Spaghetti straps. It looks like when you tie up a roast before you put it in the oven.”

Fey’s weighty issues

Amid the fashion talk, Fey also speaks to her infamous Palin impersonations and the double standard of getting political on Saturday Night Live.

“People started projecting politics onto me,” she said. “There are people who hate me now because of that…. The weird thing is, when Darrell Hammond or Will Ferrell or Dana
Carvey did an impersonation of a president, no one assumed it was personal, but because Sarah Palin and I are both women and people think women are meaner to each other, everyone assumed it was

Fey also revealed that when she landed on the SNL writing team in 1997, she was 30 pounds overweight. She’s kept that weight off since moving from behind the camera to the spotlight,
without getting too obsessed with the weight issue.

“I don’t weigh myself. I just go by if my clothes fit. I try not to participate too much in the incredible amount of wasted energy that women have around dealing with food,” she said. “I just feel
like being healthy is sort of a job requirement to be on TV, and being a writer is so much coping with fatigue and stress, and you just eat. You eat to stay awake.”

As for America’s bigger weight issue, she said, “People will say, Oh, fashion magazines are so bad, they’re giving girls a negative message — but we’re also the fattest country
in the world, so it’s not like we’re all looking at fashion magazines and not eating. Maybe it just starts a shame cycle: I’m never going to look like that model, so…Chicken
McNuggets it is! And conversely, I don’t look at models who are crazy skinny and think I want to look like that, because a lot of them are gigantic, with giant hands and giant feet.”

You can get a preview of the story on Vogue.com, but you’ll have to pick up the issue to get the full story.

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