Sade's Soldier of Love listening party

Feb 8, 2010 at 12:26 p.m. ET

In its illustrious career of 25 years, the band Sade has officially released their sixth studio album, Soldier of Love and SheKnows has your ticket to the listening party. Soldier of Love is Sade's first since Lover's Rock in 2000. Trust us when we tell you that we're a big fan of Sade's album which debuts worldwide February 8.

Sade is ready to rockHere’s the back story: Back in 2008 a call went out for the group to reconvene at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studio near Sade’s home in southwest England.

It was the very first time four principals of the group met up since their tour wrapped nine years ago. Sade sketched out material for a new album and layered martial beats to create a sound that was uniquely different than anything they previously recorded.

Sade explained, “I only make records when I feel I have something to say. I'm not interested in releasing music just for the sake of selling something. Sade is not a brand.”

Considering the band members live in four different continents, convening in England marked the commencement of the creative process for this album. The band fluctuates between the original Sade with soft sax in the background and others that can be classified as “joyously quirky reggae.”

Considering the band has been around since its first single, Your Love is King, in 1984 it’s no surprise that as fans we keep coming back for more of their new sounds. Sade noted, “I never want to repeat myself, and that becomes a more interesting challenge for us the longer we carry on together.”

As the band created its latest and greatest masterpieces, Sade dished a little about the creative process. “You have certain rules and limitations, and a certain terrain that you can operate within and it’s still classed as music, and so you’re limited. So it is a bit like being a soldier, because you somehow have to find in yourself the ability to choose what you think at that time is the best thing."

And while dancers in the video aren’t literal soldiers, they’re meant to represent her emotions in the “battleground of life.” She added, “Soldier was one of those songs we really had to fight with and even abandon for a while. But I think that that strengthened the rest of the album, because it was always there inside my head and somehow made its way into the other songs, that sort of feeling of being in the world which is a sort of wasteland or a place where there’s a struggle but somehow you have a purpose. At the end of that struggle, there’s light. And that’s the source thread, I think, that runs through the songs.”

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