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American Idol Top 24

American Idol is finally heading to Hollywood. The top 24 American Idol finalists have been chosen and their Hollywood tickets stamped. Now the competition truly begins.

Ellen DeGeneres is ready to singThe dreaded
audition rounds are over, and the real cream-of-the-crop singers have risen to the top. Also exciting now is the debut of Ellen DeGeneres as a full-time judge.

Gone are the guest judges, although we love you,
Victoria Beckham — and especially you, Katy Perry! Who did you enjoy
or despite? Reality TV Magazine wants to know!

Also, now that American Idol is hitting Hollywood, audiences can judge for themselves whether the rumors of a DeGeneres-Simon Cowell feud are true. With DeGeneres admitting recently
that Cowell is meaner than she expected, this show should get truly fascinating from here on out. Doesn’t it always?

Reality TV Magazine (a sister publication of SheKnows) has your full coverage of the entire American Idol season. Don’t miss a single American Idol recap! You’ll also find an in-depth look at the Top 24.

Lastly, before we head to Hollywood for American Idol’s February 9 show, Reality TV Magazine looks at the best of the best of the American Idol auditions.

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