Leif Garrett arrested on drug charges

As a shaky Leif Garrett caught the eye of police officers in a Metrolink train station in Downtown Los Angeles Monday night and later admitted to having black tar heroin hidden in his shoe, the LA County Sheriff’s Department charged him with possession of a controlled substance.

Leif Garrett arrestedAs is often the fate of Hollywood’s child stars, let alone teenaged rockers, Garrett’s struggle with partying goes way back.

In 1979, just three days before his 18th birthday, an intoxicated Garrett crashed his car, leaving his best pal Roland Winkler a paraplegic.

The two friends reunited and made peace in an episode of Behind The Music, which was just months before the 2005 arrest.


This isn’t the first time the ’70s icon and former teen idol has been nabbed on the Metro Red Line in Los Angeles.

Back in 2006, cops caught him with heroin and Quaaludes.

That arrest ultimately landed him in jail for 90 days, but only after he ditched a court ordered live-in drug rehabilitation program. 

Garrett has also been arrested on drug charges in 1999 and 2005. Garrett posted $10,000 bail to get out of jail and is due to appear in court February 24.

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