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Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony preview

There isn’t much info leaking about what to expect from this year’s Olympic Opening Ceremony, but with a budget $40 million and the remake of We are the World premiering, the Opening Ceremonies promises to be quite a show February 12!

The 2010 Olympics are here!

The Winter Olympics opening ceremony is set to take place in Vancouver, Canada’s 55,000-seat BC Place Stadium on February 12 and marks the first time the Olympic Opening has been held indoors.

The closed venue has sparked interest, while also making it easier for organizers to keep the events a complete surprise. Even the name of the person tapped to light the Olympic flame has been closely guarded and in the unlikely event that it leaks, his-her identity will be changed.

Big news, however, is that the Winter Olympics ceremony will include the premiere of the much-hyped We are the World remake.

Titled We Are The World — 25 For Haiti, the group venture was organized by Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie and Wyclef Jean and features over 70 celebs, ranging from Barbra Streisand to the Jonas Brothers to Kanye West. Word is a selection of those involved will be on hand.

The opening and closing ceremonies will be directed by Aussie David Atkins, who held the same role in the Sydney 2000 and Torino 2006 Olympic games and is working with a team of Canadian locals.

While no one knows what kind of song and dance to expect, there should be a focus on traditional Canadian aboriginal people and there is a set roster of traditional Olympic opening events.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will kick off the opening party and after a few good speeches, the parade of nations will begin. Greece will lead the way and hosting Canada will enter last, as is customary, with the rest of the nations entering in alphabetical order. The athletes will be wearing their counties’ official uniforms, with the US team sporting new uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren. Then we can expect the Olympic Oath, the Olympic hymn, the raising of the Olympic flag and finally, the top secret lighting of the Olympic flame.

“I’ve seen a mockup of the show, and I’m pretty sure people are going to come out of the Opening Ceremony in Vancouver and they’re going to be, Wow, that was fantastic.” promised John Furlong, CEO of the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee.

The big night is sure to be sprinkled with celebs in the audience, if not onstage, while Vice-President Joe Biden will be on hand to lead the US delegation.

NBC has the line on covering the Olympics, which run from the February 12 opening ceremony at 7:30 pm to the February 28 closing ceremony.

Victory ceremonies held in Whistler and Vancouver promise performances from the likes of All American Rejects, Estelle, Nelly Furtado, Barenaked Ladies, INXS, Feist and more. Meanwhile, the fun has already started! You can follow the action on the Olympic Tweet Sheet which lists current tweets from athletes.

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