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Billy Zane and Tina Majorino dish The Deep End

The Deep End premiered February 4 starring Billy Zane as the mentor-agitator of a group of young attorneys trying to make wrong right in Los Angeles.

The cast of ABC's The Deep EndZane and co-star Tina Majorino
exclusively speak with SheKnows about why the two performers felt The Deep End was on their must-do list of projects.

The law offices of Sterling are as cutthroat as any in the country and these five newbie lawyers learn quickly to sink or swim in The Deep End.

Zane has appeared in over 80 films including what is still the domestic leader in
all-time box office sales in Titanic. As his friend James Cameron’s Avatar sets to break Titanic’s domestic record after it shattered the film’s international sales record, Zane reported being
thrilled that those top two films of all-time are James Cameron movies.

For this reporter, it was Zane’s scene-stealing turn across Nicole Kidman and Sam Neil in Dead Calm that solidified his God-given acting chops.

Majorino’s background is more grounded in the ungrounded world of comedy.

Although she appears professional and lawyerly on The Deep End, look closer and witness another talented alumnus of Napoleon
. Her role as Deb in the Jon Heder starring film has endeared her to hundreds of millions.

The actress commenced her cinematic career as Meg Ryan’s daughter in 1994’s When a Man Loves a Woman and has since been a
TV series regular on Veronica Mars and HBO’s smash, Big Love.

Majorino was thrilled to join The Deep End cast and her chemistry with Zane was omnipresent in our exclusive video interview discussing the ABC Thursday at 8 pm dramedy. Joining
Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice on the alphabet network’s Thursday
nights…sounds like a prime-time recipe for success!

Billy Zane and Tina Majorino Deep video interview

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