7 Questions with Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is the reality star of MTV’s smash hits, Laguna Beach and The Hills. But, Conrad is also a bestselling author. Conrad didn’t only celebrate her twenty-fourth birthday February 1 and a book launch on Tuesday for Sweet Little Lies: An LA Candy Novel, she celebrated in style by empowering teens!

Lauren ConradSheKnows caught up with the
mini-mogul (she’s also launched a clothing line with Kohl’s) at the hip Hotel Crosby in Soho.

LC’s empowering women

Conrad is the spokesperson for Mark, the boutique beauty and fashion brand from
Avon, and relished the opportunity to speaking out against dating abuse while promoting her m.powerment campaign.

SheKnows: How has life changed for you since leaving reality TV?

Lauren Conrad: It’s been good. The show provided me with a platform and now I’m able to do other things that I really enjoy like this. I teamed up with Kohl’s
department store and did a line with them and my book is coming out today…it’s been good. I’ve been keeping busy and doing lots of fun stuff.

SheKnows: What message about style and beauty do you hope to share with young women today?

Lauren Conrad: I think the message is to play up the positives. Whether you’re dressing to accentuate your features or when you’re doing your make-up, play up your
positives. Less is more and I think make-up is supposed to make you a lovelier version of yourself.

LC's Little LiesSheKnows: How have your personal beauty and hairstyles evolved over the years?

Lauren Conrad: I think it’s a little bit less is more. I used to put a lot of bleach in my hair and a lot of weird colors on my face. It’s one of the perks of working
with mark. Is that I get a new make-up lesson every week so that’s always fun! You get to keep up the trends and beauty. It’s a progression. I think everyone goes through that.
I’d like to say it’s improved a lot (smiles).

SheKnows: How do you achieve such a perfect cat eye every time?

Lauren Conrad: I work with Amy Nadine [make-up artist]. Every time we do our makeup, I normally end up doing it sitting in my bathroom sink. I think the only thing you do is just
practice. Everyone has a unique eye shape and you’re going to mess up. Yeah, you just practice that one and you mess up a lot.

SheKnows: What are your favorite beauty products?

Lauren Conrad: I tend to focus on eyes. I normally wear the On the Edge liquid liner and Scanda-Lash mascara and then I always have one of the lip glosses because you can wear it
bare or over red lips or any color that I do.

SheKnows: Switching gears, we hear so many stories about young girls bashing other girls who have been abused saying they probably did something to deserve it. What advice would
you give to teen girls in abusive relationships to convince them otherwise?

Lauren Conrad lets it all hang outLauren
This is a little bit upsetting to me because I’ve always been Team Girl. But everyone’s heard that “she deserves this,” oh she’s this or she’s
that — I don’t think abuse in any form is ever deserved. The main point to me is that it’s not OK. It’s not normal. Every woman has that voice in their head that says,
“that’s not ok” and everyone has that right to speak up.

SheKnows: Physical abuse is obvious but emotional abuse is harder to read. What would you say to women?

Lauren Conrad: I think that emotional abuse is harder to define and happens gradually so I think the most important thing is that it’s not right. If you’re not being
treated right, that’s not ok.

For more information to end dating violence and learn about the m.powerment campaign, visit them at their homepage.

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