The BBC's astounding Emma

Feb 3, 2010 at 4:01 p.m. ET

The BBC has crafted a new vision of Jane Austen's Emma and the film premieres on DVD February 9 after its stellar run on PBS. Before Emma debuts on home video, SheKnows takes you inside the making of an another Austen classic.

Emma is one of Austen's most beloved heroines. Her wit and joy of life are exceptional. Recently embodied by Gwyneth Paltrow in the 1996 big screen adaptation, Emma by the BBC is a much different experience while still packing a similarly powerful punch.

BBC's Emma, from the mind of Jane Austen

Emma stars Romola Garai of Atonement fame and her performance shines with equal elements of incorrigibleness and sunshiny glow while never straying far from the perfect characterization already created by Miss Austen through her prose.

Austen's Emma is ripe with her poetic social commentary that brings viewers seamlessly into another century. What is so incredible about the Austen story collection is no matter how many adaptations audiences witness on screen, the core work is so transcendent, timeless and tantalizing -- it feels fresh and new each time a viewer heads down a visualization of Austen's classic path.

The BBC's Emma, now on DVDThe BBC's Emma co-stars Johnny Lee Miller (otherwise known as the first Mr Angelina Jolie) acting talents are on full throttle embodying the Austen Emma love interest, Mr Knightley.

Miller is no stranger to BBC movie magic or excelling at the work of portraying Austen men. He previously tackled Austen's Mansfield Park and Cranford alongside Judi Dench.

Emma synopsis

Twenty-one-year-old Emma Woodhouse has very little to worry about. She is beautiful, clever, rich, with a comfortable home and some of the best blessings of existence. More than anything, she loves playing matchmaker to her friends and family, so when young, pretty, naive and socially inferior Harriet arrives, Emma decides to indulge her passion.

She persuades Harriet to reject an advantageous marriage proposal from a local farmer in order to hold out for an offer from the dashing Mr Elton.

But Emma soon discovers that Mr Elton is far more socially ambitious and mercenary than she had ever realized, and her advice to Harriet goes terribly awry.

Inside Emma: The Truth clip

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