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Lost returns for final season

Lost’s sixth and final season comes shrouded in its characteristic veil of secrecy, with not a single preview clip until a leak January 29! Even with that clip (posted below), the storyline remains guarded, but SheKnows has a few fun tidbits to get fans ready for Tuesday’s premiere.

Matthew Fox is Jack on LostWhen we last left the island,
there were some serious cliffhangers with which to contend. It was revealed that Locke was in fact dead, but only after Ben killed Jacob at his request! So exactly who — or what — is
that guy on the island that we believed was Locke?

Meanwhile, in the final moment of Lost’s last season, an injured Juliet (Sonya Walger) struggled to drag herself to the bomb and
that’s just where the premiere picks up.

“Juliet hits this bomb. There’s a white flash…then what happens?” Executive Producer Carlton Cuse teased. “Jack and Faraday were postulating that that was going to reset the clock and the Oceanic
815 would fly along and land in Los Angeles. If she taps that bomb and something else happens, maybe they’re still stuck on the island.”

Or maybe they’re just plum dead! It is a bomb after all, but of course, there’s an entire season ahead, so we can be confident they don’t die. Unless they’re already dead and in purgatory, as put
forth in one of the many theories fans have come up to explain Lost over the years.

There really have been so many theories, but this year, we should get the real story. Lost’s final season promises to offer several answers and wrap up the dangling storylines, though
fans shouldn’t expect to get all the answers.

“If we tried to just answer questions, it would be very pedantic,” explained Cuse. “I think there [will] be, hopefully, a kind of healthy cocktail of answers, mystery, good character resolutions
and some surprises.”

Lost returning favorites

While mums the word on what’s actually going to happen, we do know that new season harkens back to the first, with many Lost faves set for returns this year, including Boone (Ian
Somerhalder of Vampire Diaries), Charlie (Dominic Monaghan of Flashforward), Michael (Harold Perrineau), Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Faraday (Jeremy Davies).

Evangeline Lily at the Lost season six premiere in Hawaii

Word is the new season will also offer yet another shift in narrative style and that the big return episode on Tuesday will be somewhat confusing, but worth the attention.

“Get ready to scratch your heads, America,” teased Co-Creator-Executive Producer Damon Lindelhof.

The final chapters of Lost will unfold over 16 consecutive weeks, climaxing with a two-hour finale, and as you enjoy and fret the coming end, don’t hold your breath for any spinoffs.

“The story of Lost that we’ve been telling for these six seasons is coming to a close this May,” Cuse insisted. “There’s not going to be an implanted sequel [or] a secret back-door pilot
embedded in that.”

Lost star Matthew Fox at the show's sixth season premiere

The two-hour premiere starts February 2 at 9 pm on ABC, but if you’ve missed a season or your memory is fuzzy, you may also want to tune in for the recap episode, starting at 8 pm.

Watch Lost trailer at your own risk!

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