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Dax Shepard and Jon Heder When in Rome exclusive

Jon Heder at the When in Rome premiereComic

SheKnows: Who were some of the performers that you looked up to growing up?

Jon Heder: I loved Jeff Bridges, I’ve always enjoyed his work. Anybody who was in a Coen Brothers film, I just thought they were great. In terms of comedy, when I was young,
especially in the ’90s, Jim Carey was a huge thing for me. When you’re a kid, you don’t think of comedy, you like stuff, but you don’t think about a single person. It
wasn’t until the ’90s when I was coming into high school that Jim Carey started doing stuff, and it was like, “Wow, this guy, he can do anything!” So he was a big influence
on me, especially when it came to physical comedy. I loved his stuff.

Dax Shepard: I would say that Bill Murray is my all-time favorite. If there was any career I would want, it would be his. But as far as an actor who I kind of identified with or I
thought, like “Oh, maybe I could do this” — I was obsessed with Nicolas Cage when I was a teenager back when he was making
movies like Vampire’s Kiss and Raising Arizona, all the movies where he was taking these huge swings. I thought, “Oh, OK, this guy’s pretty average looking,
maybe they’ll hire me!” You don’t have to look like Brad Pitt!

Jon Heder is Napolean DynamiteSheKnows: And, did you grow up in a household where there was an appreciation of comedy, or were you just always just
the funniest guy in the room?

Jon Heder: Not in my family. I had a whole bunch of brothers growing up. But we absolutely loved comedy. I mean, The Simpson’s changed our lives. We were all between
middle school and high school when The Simpson’s came out. I remember when we were really young watching the Monkeys on MTV, I think it was! It sounds weird, but I grew up watching
the Three Stooges! Even when we were young, I remember my brothers and just dying laughing and rolling on the floor.

SheKnows: And, did you grow up in a household where there was an appreciation of comedy, or were you just always just the funniest guy in the room?

SheKnows: Now Dax, we are really excited that Parenthood is finally seeing the light of day at NBC.

Dax Shepard: Oh my God, it’s the greatest experience ever. Everyone on the show is so good. Again, another cast of characters that I can’t believe I’m among.
There are 14 of us, so the schedule’s not terrible. You drive in and out of work while the sun’s still up. It’s a really, a really nice job, I hope it goes on forever.

SheKnows: Totally, and we’re really eager to see it. I think the buzz out here is pretty hot for it.

Dax Shepard: Oh, that’s good.

SheKnows: Yeah, I sensed it from the people missing it when it wasn’t there.

Dax Shepard: Well, that’s nice. I have this gut feeling that it’s just too good to be true, like something needs to be difficult about it, but it’s not. I keep
feeling in my gut, like, “No, you’re not this lucky. There’s no way you’re actually on this show and it’s going to all work out.”

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell in When in Rome

SheKnows: Cheers to luck! Lastly, now Dax, did you grow up a household that really loved?

Dax Shepard: You know, I’m a middle child and I think I was the peace keeper and I achieved that through being funny, I believe. My mother is also very, very funny and very
liberal. You weren’t afraid. We had a lot of free reign. Freedom of speech was very big in my household so I got to try out every different brand of comedy growing up without any kind of
judgment or her putting the brakes on me.

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