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Jay Leno talks to Oprah

Jay Leno is scheduled to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show and tells Oprah that he has not spoken to Conan O’Brien throughout the recent negotiations over The Tonight Show.

As the heated wars of words escalated and Conan settled with NBC, it appears the dust is still settling. According to quotes provided by Harpo Productions, the late night comic told Oprah that it “didn’t seem appropriate” to speak to O’Brien during that
time. He said they may speak again when “things cool down.” Leno added, “This whole thing was a huge mess.”

Jay Leno visits Oprah on January 29

Harpo Productions extended an invitation for O’Brien to appear on her show but it hasn’t been confirmed.

Leno will move back to the coveted 11:30 pm slot on March 1 when he returns to The Tonight Show. Although nothing has been confirmed
regarding Conan to land on Fox, chances are we will see the talented late night host doing what he does best in due time.

In the meantime, the so-called divorce isn’t final as NBC says it has a deal in the works for Conan O’Brien to produce a possible series through his production company, Conaco. The
drama will focus on a Supreme Court justice who leaves the bench to start his own practice. Casting has not been announced yet for the pilot which is aiming for a series slot in the fall line-up on

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