Tiger Woods and Elin fight details emerge

As Tiger Woods is entrenched in sex rehab, details surrounding the night of his notorious car crash have emerged.

Tiger Woods EscaladeAccording to The Daily Beast,
Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, revealed she knew about Tiger’s affair with a
nightclub hostess when she sent a text message using his phone.

At the time, it was only one incident that Elin was worried about, since then, Woods has been linked to 19 women since the car crash incident in November.

Sources indicated that the night before the crash Woods offered to let Elin talk to Rachel Uchitel to oppose the magazine reports which
implicated they were a pair. The two women chatted on the phone and convincingly so, as Elin was supposedly satisfied their relationship was strictly platonic and not romantic.

After some time, Elin realized she was not satisfied with that conversation. So, as Woods was sleeping, Elin looked at his cell phone and
texted Rachel while pretending to be her husband.

She texted, “I miss you, when are we seeing each other again?”

To which Rachel texted back with an answer. Then, Elin called her. Rachel answered the phone thinking it was Tiger and did not realize it was his wife! Elin said, “I knew it was you.”
And then Rachel hung up immediately.

At that point Elin woke up Woods which led to the infamous argument. As she chased him outside of the house with a golf club, he
drove down the driveway as a quick get away. While we know about the events that have unfolded since in the media and all of the mistresses which have come forward since has been well documented,
this is the first details of the couples’ actual pre-public spat.

Tiger is currently in a sex addiction rehab center as Elin apparently took a private jet to attend counseling sessions with him. After
five days with him in the Pine Grove Clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, she flew home to Florida. Spending time with her husband is not atypical for sex addiction rehab therapy; in fact, the
clinic requires patients to undergo couple’s therapy which includes a disclosure day whereby patients reveal all of their affairs.

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