Rob Lowe leaving Brothers and Sisters

Is it deja vu all over again for Rob Lowe? You may recall television heartthrob after all these years, Rob Lowe, left The West Wing in its prime. Well, the actor has announced he will depart the current ABC hit, Brothers and Sisters later this season.

Rob Lowe is leaving Brothers and SistersReports
have indicated that Lowe asked to be released from his contract and felt underutilized on the weekly drama. ABC granted his request and as such, he’ll leave at the end of this season of
Brothers and Sisters.

In fact, unlike the Conan-NBC debacle, employee-employee relations are good with Lowe and ABC. They would like to remain in touch with the
actor and they’re going to be in talks about having him headline his very own series.

As for how Brothers and Sisters will write out his character on the show, the jury’s still out on that one. Although the Robert-Kitty divorce is the likeliest of scenarios
considering their marital strife, they’re likely going with a divorce theme or will simply kill him off.

Just last week when he was guest on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Lowe didn’t indicate any hints of a sudden departure from Brothers and Sisters.

As Conan joked the actor simply does not age, Rob revealed he’s a huge outdoorsman and likes heli-skiing. We’re confident one of the original brat packers from the ’80s will resurface
at some point on another drama.

Lowe’s career seems to be surging the past several years ever since his role in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Although his scene was deleted during editing, his
friendship with Mike Myers blossomed in the late ’90s and he got a snagged a role as the young Number Two in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

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