The Young Victoria exclusive clip

Emily Blunt is nominated for a Golden Globe award for her incredible performance as Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria. SheKnows has an exclusive clip from The Young Victoria showcasing why Blunt is not only in the running for a January 17 Golden Globe, but also Hollywood’s biggest prize — The Oscar.

The Young Victoria is garnering phenomenal reviews (including in SheKnows) for its searing portrayal of an English monarch that would
change her country forever.

Rupert Friend and Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria

Where The Young Victoria excels beyond the average royal bio is the love story at its core. Victoria has suitors lining up and possesses interest in none of them. Then, Rupert Friend
arrives from continental Europe and sets the soon-to-be Queen’s heart aflutter.

In our exclusive clip below, only SheKnows can show you the scene where Friend’s Albert and Blunt’s Victoria first make their love connection!

Friend (Pride and Prejudice) matches Blunt’s ferocity in his performance note for note. His Prince Albert gives credence
to what audiences already know about the love affair of a lifetime that was the marriage of Victoria and Albert. When Albert died, Queen Victoria wore black every day for the rest of her life.

Emily Blunt as The Young Victoria and Rupert Friend take a walk

The Young Victoria also stars Paul Bettany, Miranda Richardson, Jim Broadbent and a powerful Mark Strong (who SheKnows first discovered stealing scenes from Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe in Body
of Lies

The Young Victoria exclusive clip

Victoria’s vicars

If The Young Victoria has a classic feel to it, the film should. It is written by Julian Fellowes of Gosford Park and Vanity Fair fame and his proficiency with
classic Britain is more than proven. Victoria is also produced by a royal — Duchess
Sarah Ferguson
. Don’t miss our interview with Duchess Ferguson! With priceless insight into what it means to be a royal, especially an unwilling monarch, Ferguson’s fingerprints are
all over The Young Victoria. May this be the beginning of a new career for The Duchess.

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The Young Victoria producer Duchess Sarah Ferguson exclusive

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