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CSI: NY returns from break

On the anticipated post-holiday return of CSI: New York, planted evidence turns a CSI investigation inward.

Gary Sinise in CSI: New York's January 12 episodeWhen Mac and his
CSI: New York team investigate a brutal stabbing, they find evidence has been planted, making them look to one of their own.

The danger escalates this week when the CSI team’s investigation leads them to a colleague. Mac (Gary Sinise) is forced to look
into the domestic life of his long-time friend and learns more than he ever would have suspected, let alone wanted to know. Jericho alum DB Sweeney stars as ADA Craig Hansen, who may be the
colleague in question.

Meanwhile, Mac struggles to honor the promise to bring the killer of a 18-year-old girl to justice and tonight’s action will also lead the team to a young woman played by Sophie Sinise. The
character may or may not be pivotal to story, but certainly bares mention as the actress is the daughter of the show’s star, Sinise.

The January 13 episode also kicks off some behind the scenes action in Los Angeles, where CSI: New York is shot. The CSI: New York crew has closed down a strip of Downtown
Los Angeles, at 7th and Olive, through Friday night. They’ll be pulling all-nighters to shoot scenes that involve a faux hospital, a celebrity surrounded by the press and somehow, simulated grand
prix racing! These scenes likely tie into the upcoming episode The Formula, which is about F1 racing and is currently scheduled to air February 10. All in a day’s work — or should we say
night’s work!

The CSI: New York action starts at 10 pm on CBS.

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