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To Save a Life exclusive clip

To Save a Life has given us an exclusive clip of the film about high school in 2010 and two teenage friends on very different paths. To Save a Life debuts January 22, and mirroring the famous The Fray song, spotlights the impact we all have on each other.

In To Save a Life, Jake Taylor is living the high school dream. He’s dating the most beautiful girl in school, his friends would do anything for him and Jake patiently waits to dive
into his full basketball scholarship to college.

Jake and Amy share a moment in To Save a Life

Then, Roger Dawson rears his head once again in Jake’s life and things begin to change. Roger and Jake were best friends when they were young, but time and popularity have separated them
since. Roger now has no friends, no hope and no future.

Jake and Roger’s fate meet on a collision path when Roger heads to school seeking to do harm. Jake does not know how to stop him.

Jake’s world is rocked. Now, he questions everything including what he could have done different over a decade To Save A Life.

To Save a Life stars Deja Kreutzberg (CSI: Miami), Randy Wayne and Kim Hidalgo (New Adventures of Old Christine).

About To Save a Life

Can a movie change the world? Maybe it can, but what happens at the least is moving films can make people think and spawn action that, in turn, saves the world. It is the audience, the people,
who make the change and with To Save A Life, viewers exit the theater with that call to action. To Save a Life asks above all else: Are we there for the people who need us most?

To Save a Life gives audiences much to ponder

To Save a Life exclusive clip


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