Sigourney Weaver exclusive Crazy on the Outside clip

Tim Allen goes behind the camera as well as starring alongside Sigourney Weaver in Crazy on the Outside. Allen’s latest premiered in theaters January 8 and SheKnows has an exclusive clip from Crazy on the Outside featuring Allen and Weaver.

Allen plays Tommy, a recent release from prison who is eager to start fresh with the help of his sister, Viki (Weaver). Her cynical husband,
portrayed by The Closer’s JK Simmons, doesn’t agree with Viki’s assessment that her brother can change for the

Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver are Crazy on the Outside

Yet still, Tommy moves in with his sister and their otherwise happy family. Only problem is Allen’s Tommy wants to break free of Viki’s house and take care of two important issues close
to his heart.

The first is to find his lost love Christy (Modern Family’s Julie Bowen) and the second is to revive his father’s business. Viki, although she meant well, had told Tommy that
Christy died in a car wreck.

Wonder how that is going to go?

Crazy on the Outside exclusive clip

Getting Crazy with Tim Allen

Joining the cast as Allen’s probation officer is Big Love star Jeanne Tripplehorn and as an old friend of Tommy’s is Ray Liotta.

Allen spoke of what it was about this story and this cast that compelled him to also direct as well as star.

Crazy on the Outside“I love comedy and I love
stories about relationships with family. I find they are often one in the same. Crazy on the Outside is a high comedy farce with a brother-sister relationship at its core,” Allen

“Thematically, this story also encompasses bad choices, second chances and elements of recovery, with falling off the wagon represented in the typical human fight we all face of good versus
bad. What personalizes it for me is the road we walk that inevitability leads to choices. Which road do we take — the easy, comfortable path, or the one less traveled — the one unknown?”

Allen adds that the sibling element of Crazy on the Outside is also what pulled him behind the camera. “I really see the brother-sister dynamic as driving this story. Family bonds
are tight when they are active. These two siblings share a collective back-story involving tragedy (the death of their parents) and they responded in two very different ways,” Allen said.

“Tommy went against life, and his sister Viki took to embrace and support it, with the caveat that she has a loose interpretation of the truth. I have a close relationship with my own sister
and it sometimes has an intense give and take. We say things, grow and exchange like only siblings can. I found both Sigourney, and her character Viki, to have very similar nuances to that of my
own sister. This made it relevant and great fun.”

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