Alyssa Milano exclusive interview

Alyssa’s next big thing

SheKnows: Tell me a bit about this show you’re shooting.

Alyssa Milano: It’s called Romantically Challenged. It’s also for ABC – for midseason. I think we’ll be on the air in springtime. It’s about a group of friends who are romantically challenged (laughs).

SheKnows: (Laughs)

Alyssa Milano: It’s a traditional sitcom. Ricky Blitt is our head writer, and he comes from Family Guy. The comedic sensibility is a lot edgier than a traditional sitcom. It’s really funny. It’s really well written and our cast is outstanding.

SheKnows: The wit bringing forward just with the Family Guy comedy cred coupled with a look at romance, sounds perfect.

Alyssa Milano: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Dodger blue passion leads to new industry

SheKnows: So many millions of SheKnows readers are women, and it struck me when I saw you in LA with your sports line of clothes, specifically for women. If there is something that Alyssa Milano has struck a chord in her lifetime it is with Chord and the sports team apparel for women. Take us through the process of what initially got you to follow an idea to fruition and then also where you’re sitting now — how does it feel?

Alyssa Milano: It was an idea that was born out of necessity. I’m a huge sports fan. I’ve had Dodgers season tickets for seven years. I just tired of going into the stadium shops and not seeing anything fashionable or that fit my body to buy that was going to fly the team colors and still look cute. I used to bring a change of clothes if I was going out after a game. I’d wear whatever Dodger T-Shirt I could find and usually it was a kid’s size and then change after the game. I thought, “There’s got to be something.” I looked around the stadium and saw all these women. I thought to myself, there’s got to be women out here looking for something that’s cute and fashionable. I pitched the idea to Major League Baseball about four years ago. They gave me the licensing. I hooked up with my partner G3 Sports who is my partner in it. Major League Baseball had the exclusive for a year. By the second year, we had the licensing for the NFL, the NBA, the NHL and college. (Pauses) I’m not surprised it has done so well. I am surprised that it only took us four years to really grow to the extent that we have. It makes me feel good. Literally, it is the most rewarding thing is to have fans say to me, “thank you so much.”

SheKnows: I bet…

Alyssa Milano: For giving them a voice in sports…

SheKnows: I always thought that. It’s one thing to wear the boyfriend shirt. But, the guy-fitted sports team regalia is not quite right. Our readers are beyond pleased about what you have done with this and a huge thank you from SheKnows. Professional sports have suddenly realized that women enjoy it too.

‘To be able to feel feminine while rooting for their team’

Alyssa Milano: (Laughing) Yeah, women have always loved it. I just think that the leagues know that there was a market out there for it. Many times, these property departments of the leagues are run by men. They did the best they could. But, I’m not trying to replace the boyfriend’s jersey. There’s always a place for that! I just wanted to give women an option to be able to feel feminine while rooting for their team.

SheKnows: I always love asking performers who knew what they wanted to do at an early age. You, clearly did with much success. What was it that first drew you?

Alyssa Milano: I started doing theater when I was eight. I auditioned for the second national touring company and got it. For me, I was an only child until I was ten. The way I kept myself occupied was to put on shows like interpretive dance in the living room. I put on putting shows. I think that for me, it was no different than what I did in the living room at home. There were just more people applauding. That’s the thing about starting in theater. It is really about the performance. When I got Who’s the Boss, that was a huge transition. All of a sudden I was in people’s living rooms getting recognized. Luckily, I always had a strong family that kept me grounded.

SheKnows: Well, Alyssa, thank you so much for your time and all the best for continued success on every avenue.

Alyssa Milano: I appreciate that so much, and I love the website, by the way!

SheKnows: Well, thank you very much!

Alyssa Milano: You’re welcome. This was a pleasure, Joel.

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