People’s Choice Awards winners

People’s Choice Awards were handed out January 6 in Los Angeles and the people have spoken. Unlike other awards ceremonies like the Emmy’s or Academy Awards, at the People’s Choice Awards winners are determined by fans. For years prior to the juggernauts of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, fans have been voting for their fave actors, musicians, television shows and movies to determine who will snag a People’s Choice Award.

Sandra Bullock wins bigAs for highlights in
this year’s award ceremony at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium, there were certainly few surprises. As Sandra Bullock won the category of favorite movie actress and Johnny Depp earned the
statue for favorite movie actor, Taylor Swift yet again was the fave female artist and Ellen DeGeneres won the top spot for favorite talk show.
Surprises? Hardly.

In an entertaining parody of Twilight, host Queen Latifah donned Bella Swan’s signature brunette locks to spoof the flick. Get this — as she was superimposed into the sequel,
New Moon, Queen Latifah acted out the scene in which Edward Cullen dumps Bella. She hilariously spoofed his lines which referenced how
the Cullen clan is much older than they actually appear. She quipped, “Everyone in LA is 10 years older than they look. It’s called Botox.”

And at the end of the spoof when Edward finally leaves her alone in the woods, Queen Latifah responds, “Fine, disappear. I’ll just get the werewolf to do the show.”

As for another memorable moment? Sacha Baron Cohen introduced Depp as following the road less traveled. He stated, “Johnny Depp
doesn’t follow trends, he creates them. He single-handedly made being a pirate fashionable again. Which is great, unless you’re sailing an oil tanker off the coast of Somalia. Also, his
harrowing documentary about the late 19th century confectioner, Sir William Wonka, has made it acceptable once again for creepy middle-aged men to approach children and offer them candy. Thank you
for that, Johnny. Later this year, his starring role in Alice in Wonderland will hopefully make it acceptable for creepy middle-aged men to invite young girls around for tea, and offer
them hallucinogenic drugs. Thanks again, Johnny. Johnny’s dedication to research for every role he does is immense. Prior to Pirates of the Caribbean, he spent almost six weeks at a
Sandals resort in Barbados. And for Corpse Bride…it’s better you don’t know what he did. Ladies and gentlemen, he’s the greatest character actor of his generation,
and he is the most popular movie star in the world for good reason. It is my great pleasure to award Favorite Actor of the Decade to Mister Jonathan Depp.”

Not to be outdone, however, Johnny’s acceptance speech “thanked” Cohen and acknowledged the introduction. “Bless you so much. Bless you. First of all, I think — bless your
heart, thank you — I’m gonna have to thank Sacha Baron Cohen, the great Sacha Baron Cohen, for not, um, verbally decimating me here tonight. So thank you, Sacha. Well. Here we are. Oh, so
sweet. Thank you. I am deeply humbled by this great honor, which comes from you, the people, which means everything to me, certainly, it means everything to us all. Because the only reason any of
us are up here is, is because of you. So thank you for that, all of you. It has been quite an amazing decade. Incredible ride. And I sincerely thank you all for bestowing upon me all your great
treasures. Thank you. Thank you so much. Good night.”

Taylor Swift wins big too!The People’s
Choice Awards winners:

Favorite Movie Actor

Johnny Depp

Favorite Movie Actress

Sandra Bullock

Favorite Action Star

Hugh Jackman

Favorite Comedic Star

Jim Carrey

Favorite Breakout Movie Actress

Miley Cyrus

Favorite Breakout Movie Actor

Taylor Lautner

Favorite On-Screen Team

The Twilight Saga

Favorite Independent Movie

Inglourious Basterds

Favorite Comedy Movie

The Proposal

Favorite Movie


Favorite TV Drama


Favorite TV Comedy

The Big Bang Theory

Favorite TV Drama Actor

Hugh Laurie

Favorite TV Drama Actress

Katherine Heigl

Favorite TV Comedy Actor

Steve Carrell

Favorite TV Comedy Actress

Alyson Hannigan

Favorite TV Obsession

True Blood

Favorite Competition Show

American Idol

Favorite Male Artist

Keith Urban

Favorite Female Artist

Taylor Swift

Carrie Underwood loves her People's Choice AwardFavorite Country Artist

Carrie Underwood

Favorite Breakout Music Artist

Lady Gaga

Favorite Rock Band


Favorite Music Collaboration

Run This Town

Favorite R&B Artist

Mariah Carey

Favorite Pop Artist

Lady Gaga

Favorite New TV Drama

The Vampire Diaries

Favorite New TV Comedy


Favorite Animal Show

Dog Whisperer

Favorite Web Celeb

Ashton Kutcher

Favorite Family Movie


Favorite Franchise

The Twilight Saga

Favorite Talk Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show


Favorite Hip-Hop Artist


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