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Shrek Forever After trailer premiere

Shrek Forever After brings Shrek back and we’ve got your first look at the next installment of the series that promises to pull the curtain after this installment.

Shrek ForeverWhat possibly could Shrek do to further endear himself to audiences after taking an evil dragon to task while rescuing a princess that would become his bride?

Let’s not forget the saving of Shrek’s in-law’s kingdom!

In Shrek Forever After, our favorite Ogre is the quintessential family man enjoying domestic bliss. Yet, Shrek yearns for the days when his roar used to pack a punch.

When Rumpelstiltskin suavely gets Shrek to sign a pact legally relinquishing his lineage-earned power, Ogres are once again on the run and that includes Mike Myers’ beloved Shrek. That is how wily Rumpelstiltskin smoothly evolves from fairy tale mainstay to Shrek lore villain.

Witnessing Rumpelstiltskin as a devious bad-guy is pure DreamWorks animation brilliance.

The first Shrek arrived in theaters in 2001 it gave its stars, Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy incredible amounts of animation voice-over cred. Successive Shrek films have brought on some incredible talent to support the superstar Dreamworks franchise. Most notably is Antonio Banderas’ Puss-In-Boots.

The premiere of the Shrek Forever After trailer

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