LeAnn Rimes divorce is finalized

LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet are officially divorced in what is an atypically short transaction by Hollywood standards.

Eddie and LeAnn can now be togetherHer ex-husband,
Dean filed for divorce on Friday and voila! By Monday it was all finalized. LeAnn’s romance with Eddie Cibrian had a whole lot to do
with it and rumor has it both LeAnn and Dean wanted their marriage done with. Over. Finalized. Just. Like. That.

By Monday, LeAnn and Dean had already decided on the divorce settlement, signed the relevant papers and had a date booked to officially finalize the divorce in court and end their marriage. LeAnn
apparently did not hide her infidelity from her husband and her whirlwind romance with Cibrian was out in the open so many of her fans are
on Team Dean at the moment.

According to Us Weekly, the confidential divorce settlement will probably include cash, property and other valuables. Whether or not Dean gets a lump sum or a staggered payout, he will likely walk
away with a large chunk of change to the tune of a few million dollars. After all, LeAnn’s extramarital friendship or shall we say, transgressions, were completely out in the open for all to

As for when the actual divorce will be finalized, it will likely be the summer of 2010. Technically, since it takes two to tango, Eddie
needs to divorce his wife as well to make it all official.

This of course leads to the next question: once a cheater, always a cheater? Considering Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes were cheating on their spouses, one can only wonder how long their lustful
relationship will last until one of them starts cheating yet again!

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