Brittany Murphy leaves estate to mother

Details of Brittany Murphy’s estate are beginning to emerge as the Los Angeles Coroner declared December 21 that Murphy’s death was not due to foul play.

Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack on March 12Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, may not have been
included in her will. According to new reports, the actress who died suddenly on Sunday morning due to a cardiac arrest drafted a will before she got married in 2007. It is unclear as to whether or
not she updated it since it appears her mother was the sole beneficiary.

Essentially this means Murphy’s estate will be left to her mother, Sharon Murphy. It’s not clear as to whether or not there is even any mention of her husband, assuming she did not
amend her will after marrying Monjack two years ago.

Monjack, who originally did not want an autopsy report, appeared to be disheveled on the morning of his wife’s death. And the day after
Brittany’s untimely passing, Monjack told Access Hollywood, “My world was destroyed.”

Just one day prior he indicated that it was an ordinary day and that Brittany Murphy’s condition did not seem serious after she was treated for laryngitis merely 24 hours before her passing.
Monjack chalked up the illness to exhaustion after a grueling film schedule.

Seven to ten days before her death, Brittany Murphy was complaining of shortness of breath and severe abdominal pains. Several months ago back in April she was hospitalized for low blood sugar
while working in Oregon.

Although reports circulated yesterday that there wasn’t any foul play or illegal drug use associated with the actress’s death, several prescription bottles prescribed to Murphy, Monjack
and her mother were found empty. The drugs found reportedly included: Topamax (an anti-seizure med that also prevents migraines), Methylprednisolone (anti-inflammatory), Fluoxetine (depression
med), Klonopin (anxiety med), Carbamazepinean (treats Diabetic symptoms, as well as bipolar med) Ativan (anxiety med), Vicoprofen (pain reliever), Propranolol (for hypertension, used to prevent
heart attacks), Biaxin (antibiotic), Hydrocodone (pain med) and miscellaneous vitamins.

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