Bradley Cooper quiz: Do you know All About Steve star?

Dec 22, 2009 at 6:06 p.m. ET

Bradley Cooper warmed our hearts in He's Just Not That Into You, won box office power with 2009's biggest comedy, The Hangover and went toe-to-toe comedically with the year's biggest star in Sandra Bullock in all About Steve -- now out on Blu-ray and DVD.

SheKnows is proud to present a quiz on Hollywood's latest "It" guy and see how ell you know Cooper as his All About Steve with Sandra Bullock lands on home video.

Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper in All About Steve

All about All About Steve

In All About Steve, Cooper has a slight problem with Bullock's character takes a bit of a liking to the title character. So much so, that Bullock winds up stalking Cooper across the country.

Bullock is Mary, who is slightly eccentric, and 100 percent heart. All About Steve is, at its core, a comedy about a blind date gone horribly wrong.

All About Steve clip: the date


The Bradley Cooper quiz

1. Where was Bradley Cooper born?
2. True or false? Bradley Cooper got his first break as a Sex and the City hottie?
3. What role opposite Jennifer Garner forced Cooper to move to Los Angeles.?
4. In college at Georgetown, what sport did Bradley bring it and win medals?
5. The actor speaks a second language fluently. Which one? Here's a hint: it's a rromance language.
6. Remember Julia Roberts' Broadway debut that bombed? Cooper was on that stage too…along with which I Love You, Man star?
7. Cooper is an animal fanatic. He has two adopted pets from the local shelter…dogs or cats? Or, one of each?
8. Name the other three leads who star alongside Cooper in his breakout role in The Hangover.
9. In All About Steve, what is the occupation of Cooper's title role?
10. Cooper hosted a travel show early in the decade, what was it and what channel did it air?

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