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Chick Lit in your stocking

Dear Santa,

Should you choose to call me (or text or even Facebook me, I know you’re very busy) this year for book-giving advice, I’ll be ready to give you ideas for the Chick Lit novels you can place in the stockings of those in need of a major Chick Lit pick-me-up during the holidays. You know, those people that barely missed the naughty list and just might go all “Scrooge” on you if they don’t get their happy ending, stat?

The Nanny ReturnsSanta, not everyone has a job as
great as yours. (If we could all give presents and stuff our bellies full of cookies for a living, this world would be a much better place!) So for those who are fed up with their job (or lack of
one), I suggest you give them Nanny Returns (the sequel to the New York Time’s #1 Bestseller, The Nanny Diaries).

It’s in stores December 15th and is really juicy! (Mr. X finds the nanny cam that Nanny “Nan” left behind twelve years ago. And before she knows it, Nan gets sucked back into the
world she vowed she’d permanently leave behind!) Hey, Santa, now that I think about it, if it’s not too much to ask, maybe you can throw them both in my stocking as a package set. (I
swear I haven’t been THAT naughty!)

Santa, as you are well aware, when a family comes together during the holidays, more times than not, drama can arise. And for those who are eager to read a compelling and relatable story about
family, I highly recommend Hyatt Bass’s debut novel, The Embers

It’s a thought provoking story about secrets, regrets and unanswered questions that all threaten to tear a family apart at the exact time it should be coming together- for a wedding. Santa,
this is one of those books that will be read by the person you give it to and then by five of her friends because it’s just that good!

The EmbersSpeaking of family, the incredibly
funny and talented Liza Palmer has written yet another fantastic book called A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents.

And it belongs in every Chick Lit lover’s stocking! It’s a witty, funny and emotional story about dealing with dysfunctional family, sibling rivalry, illness and loss. Only Liza Palmer
could tackle such otherwise heavy topics with the perfect blend of levity and seriousness.  I guarantee it’s the perfect book to curl up with in front of the Christmas tree.

I’m personally a very big fan of Kristin Hannah. If I’m having a bad day, I open one of her books and my frustrations are long forgotten as I get sucked in to her brilliant story
telling. True Colors is the perfect book to give to anyone who has a sister or a friend close enough to be one. It’s about the powerful bond that sisters share during the good times
and the bad. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll just feel better when you get to the end. And that’s what it’s all about Santa, isn’t it?

So Santa, let’s review the facts.  Most of the women on your nice list are tired and overworked and in dire need of a happy ending tied up in a big red bow. (Something you’re a fan
of, I’m sure!) So do the right thing Santa!  Give those women some Chick Lit, asap!

Love, Lisa xoxo

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