Alexa Ray Joel hospitalized

Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel and model Christie Brinkley, was hospitalized over the weekend from a drug overdose. She’s been released as her father stated, “She is going to be fine.”

Alexa Ray JoelShe was admitted to St
Vincent’s Hospital in New York City after swallowing several pills in a possible suicide attempt. The rocker, after all — she’s a singer, songwriter, and pianist taking after her
father’s footsteps, apparently dialed 911 after taking homeopathic pills. Alexa Ray told the dispatcher, “Took pills. Want to die.”

Alexa Ray swallowed eight Traumeel tablets, which is an herbal alternative to ibuprofen. They would have been incapable of killing her but the good news is she called the emergency phone number to
get help.

Alexa was rushed to a hospital in Greenwich Village where she was later released.

Alexa Ray was apparently distraught over a break-up with her boyfriend and former bandmate, Jimmy Riot. The break-up occurred a few years ago but according to sources, Alexa Ray continues to battle
depression. Alexa Ray was scheduled to perform in New York City twice this week: at the New York Stock Exchange tree lighting and at J&R Music World. Her latest single, Invisible,
dishes about losing love and self-esteem while finding female empowerment.

Alexa Ray is the only daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley. Their nine-year marriage ended in divorce. Brinkley was in the news recently relating to her very public divorce battle with Peter Cook. It is unclear as to whether stress related to her
mother’s divorce and being the child of two prominent famous parents could have contributed to her depression.

Brinkley went to the hospital late afternoon and a few hours later Alexa Ray was released. Her father remained in Long Island to avoid having it become a circus atmosphere. Reports have indicated
he was constantly in touch via the phone.

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