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Tiger Woods mistress tally and baby rumors

Women keep coming out of the woodwork in the Tiger Woods scandal as his stable of mistresses now stands at eight.

Most of Tiger’s alleged conquests were cocktail waitresses,
hostesses or Vegas promotional models. Cheatah also took his act overseas — The Sun reports he got busy with a British television presenter a few years ago. Tiger’s other women are spread through Orlando and Las Vegas, and while some or looking to sell their stories to the highest tabloid bidder,
two have already lawyered up.

One of the two, whose lawyer declined to name her, says she met the golfer in 2004 when he was engaged and kept the affair going for two years. She wanted out after the marriage but he assured her
the marriage was a sham. “It’s only for publicity,” she says he told her. Tiger’s legal team has already been in touch.

Why would they do that? Because the bank account of Tiger Woods is much deeper than that of Us Weekly. It makes more financial sense for Cheatah to pay these women for their silence than
risk losing his incredibly lucrative endorsement deals. One in particular, Rachel Uchitel, is said to fear for her safety — not because she thinks Tiger’s people would hurt her, but because so many other people are caught in his web of deception and one of them might.

Rachel is said to know a lot of dirty little secrets about Cheatah’s personal and professional life, as well as details about his other women and marriage.

Uchitel was with Tiger as recently as November when she flew to meet up with him at the Australian Masters. TMZ obtained the full trip itinerary that Tiger’s BFF Bryon Bell emailed to Rachel.
Uchitel, who lost her fiance on 9/11 in the Twin Towers, has also been linked to Yankees Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter.

Meanwhile, Elin is busy renegotiating her prenup and will receive a rumored $75 million in the deal, but that amount may only get higher as rumors begin to circulate about a secret Tiger cub on the
way. Will Tiger own up and be a responsible baby daddy? Will he pay the mama off so the public will never know the truth? Only time will tell.

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