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Top 10 songs of 2009

The top 10 songs of 2009 are a varied bunch. From a classic The Black Eyed Peas party anthem, the frivilious joy of LMFAO’s La La La and Kings of Leon bringing the rock with Use Somebody, the top 10 songs of 2009 proved one of the most sonically succulent years of the decade.

She Wolf by Shakira

Shakira announced her return to the music world’s elite with the title track from the South American singer’s howling call to women everywhere. She Wolf’s unite!

Meet Me on the Equinox by death cab for cutie

When Paramore passed on revisiting the Twilight franchise theme mantle for the benefit of another indie band to reap the New Moon-related career benefits, it was Death Cab for Cutie that scored the selfless move by Paramore.

Death Cab for Cutie took a look at the New Moon film and crafted Meet Me on the Equinox. The result is pure cinematic sonic bliss. Rarely this year did a song
capture its film as Death Cab did for Twilight Saga: New Moon.

La La La by LMFAO

LMFAO is in the truest sense, honestly, not among the world’s greatest musicians who compose the most earth-shaking music. They don’t take themselves seriously and should do we — yet in 2009,
La La La was the Ear Candy that is still ringing around in our head months after its release.

The truth about this writer’s introduction to La La La and LMFAO is a fascinating study in the modern music world.

La La La was first heard through dozens of listens on the radio as well as the clubs of Los Angeles and London. It wasn’t until arriving home in the states after SheKnows
Entertainment headed to the UK that I sought out the video.

My first reaction was, “these guys?” LMFAO is kind of a motley crew! Upon reflection, it got me thinking about a song this delicious and another time. The band’s image in my head was not what you
see below in their music video!

That recalls a time when audiences had to imagine what their favorite rock stars looked like before seeing them!

Dead on Gone by TI featuring Justin Timberlake

Hearing TI sing about the life he left behind as he is heading to jail is a powerful piece of music and social commentary fitting for 2009.

TI sings, “Now I get it. Now I take time to think before I make mistakes just for my families’ sake.

That part of me left yesterday. The heart of me is strong today. No regrets, I’m blessed to say. The old me, dead and gone away.”

His prose along with Timberlake’s soaring vocals equals one of the year’s most memorable musical moments.

Kids by MGMT

Capturing youth by the sonic boatload, MGMT’s Kids also charmed adults audiences with the band’s recalling of a simpler time, or was it?

Kids even begins with a playground soundtrack that sets MGMT off on their sonic reflection of days gone by. Remember when all your cares solely involved the tiny world around you?
Simultaneously reflective without drifting into meloncholy while staying firmly in the power of the here and now, MGMT scores the year’s most introspective song.

Up next…the top 5 of 2009 including The Fray, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift!

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