Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show recap

Dec 2, 2009 at 12:58 p.m. ET

As models pranced down the runway, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired last night on CBS and introduced a new Angel, Kylie Bisutti. While all the talk could have been about Heidi Klum's return to the runway merely weeks after giving birth, or perhaps the polka-dotted outfit that Candice Swanepoel had to wear, it was Bisutti's win that was the talk of the town.

Miranda Kirr runs the runwayAmong almost 10,000 Victoria Secret Angel hopefuls, it all boiled down to two: Jamie Lee Darley and Kylie Bisutti. Jamie turned directly to the camera in an effort to be voted the winner. "I promise if you vote for me, I will rock it so hard and be the most gracious, humble, happiest Angel in the world for you."

Kylie said, "I promise if you vote for me, I won't disappoint you. I'll be out there and give it my sexy, flirty, fun, confident walk, and I bet you'll be happy."

Well, Kylie was crowned Victoria's Secret's newest angel. The 19-year-old California supermodel wrote on her MySpace page, "It has been my dream everlastingly and now I am living it out. All things are likely if you just believe in yourself and have self-belief in the Lord."

As for other highlights? Model Miranda Kerr walked in thigh-high black boots and a set of butterfly wings. Of course, there's also the diamond-studded bra worth $3 million. Marisa Miller wore the blinged out bra designed by Damiani. She told, "It is an enormous honor to wear the Fantasy bra. It's one of the main features in the Fashion Show every year and I'm so excited to walk the runway in it."

"The diamonds are in a harlequin pattern and contain white, champagne and cognac colored diamonds," she added. "There is also a 16-carat heart shaped champagne diamond pendant dangling in the middle."

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