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Holiday movie guide

December 23

The boys are ready to rockAlvin and the Chipmunks: The

Starring: Anna Faris, Jason Lee and some awesome animated chipmunks

What it’s about: The Chipmunks are back, and this time out, they’ve brought the Chipettes. 

SheKnows fun fact: The fantastic casting of Anna Faris, Amy Poehler and Christina Applegate as the Chipettes could not be better. Toss in direction from Betty Thomas (of Sandra
Bullock’s 28 Days), and the family is ready for its Christmas movie.

December 25

Sherlock Holmes

Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Rachel McAdams, Jude Law

What it’s about: Robert Downey Jr dons the magnifying glass for Guy Ritchie’s update of the Sherlock Holmes story. Casting Jude Law as Watson is utter
brilliance. Early clips from the film created buzz as early as July. McAdams stars as Irene Adler, a woman who knows how to effectively push Holmes’ buttons.

SheKnows fun fact: With Downey as Holmes, look for Sherlock Holmes to be the toast of the holiday week.

It’s Complicated

Starring: Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, John Krasinski

What it’s about: Writer/director Nancy Meyers (What Women Want, Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday) directs Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and
Alec Baldwin in a comedy about love, divorce and everything in between. Jane (Streep) is the mother of three grown kids, owns a thriving Santa Barbara bakery/restaurant and has — after a decade of
divorce — an amicable relationship with her ex-husband, attorney Jake (Baldwin). But when Jane and Jake find themselves out of town for their son’s college graduation, things start to get
complicated. An innocent meal together turns into the unimaginable — an affair. With Jake remarried to the much younger Agness (Lake Bell), Jane is now, of all things, the other woman.

Streep and Baldwin in It's Complicated

SheKnows fun fact: It’s Complicated is one of only a few romantic comedies out this holiday season including Sarah Jessica Parker’s Did You Hear About the

December 30

The Loss of A Teardrop

Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Evans, Ellen Burstyn, Mamie Gummer, Ann-Margaret and Jessica Collins

What it’s about: The Loss Of A Teardrop Diamond is a new drama based on a recently rediscovered original screenplay by legendary writer Tennessee Williams. Starring
Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Evans, the Paladin release will open in New York and Los Angeles in late December, with expansion to major markets following in early 2010. Academy Award-winner Ellen
Burstyn, Academy Award nominee Ann-Margret, Mamie Gummer and Will Patton co-star in the film, which was directed by award-winning short filmmaker and stage and screen actress Jodie Markell in her
feature debut.

SheKnows fun fact: Howard filmed Loss of a Teardrop before joining the Twilight nation to film Eclipse.

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