The Spy Next Door: Exclusive first look

Nov 24, 2009 at 8:01 p.m. ET

Amber Valletta and Jackie Chan are joining forces in The Spy Next Door, and SheKnows has your exclusive first look at the film's stills.

Chan stars as Bob Ho, who makes his living as one of the best spies the CIA has ever employed. Ho decides to walk away from his career and settle down with his girlfriend (and next-door neighbor), Gillian (Valletta).

The Spy Next door premieres January 15, 2010 and SheKnows has the first photos

Before Chan's character can settle into domestic bliss, he must complete one more mission. And of course, that's when things get interesting -- because, to secure a victorious final mission, he cannot use his trademark jaw-dropping martial arts. Ho must win over Gillian's three children.

The Spy Next Door features an all-star cast including George Lopez (The George Lopez Show, Lopez Tonight) and Billy Ray Cyrus (Hannah Montana).

Jackie Chan and Billy Ray Cyrus in The Spy Next Door

The film, which premieres January 15, 2010, promises equal parts comedy and thrills. As evidenced by the credits of the filmmakers, that is exactly what they should deliver. Directed by Brian Levent, whose work includes the family films Are We There Yet?, The Flintstones and Snow Dogs, the film is from a screenplay by Gregory Poirier of National Treasure: Book of Secrets fame.

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