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Italian For Beginners review

Italian for Beginners, the sixth novel from chick lit author Kristin Harmel takes a trip into the past to gain self-discovery. Thirty-four-year-old accountant, Cat Connelly, has been stuck in a rut for far too long. Readers will want to instantly give Cat a hug after enduring public humiliation at her young sister’s wedding.

Italian for Beginners reviewCat takes a risk of breaking out of all the neat boxes she’s placed her life into by reuniting with an old lover in Rome, who is not the answer to what she’s been missing in her life. Forced to come to her own rescue, Cat embarks on an incredible journey through the streets of Rome, opening up her heart to the city, the people and the past.

Italian for Beginners is a departure from Harmel’s behind the scenes revelations on the chaos and myths about celebrity (How to Sleep with a Movie Star, The Art of French Kissing and When You Wish), for a look at coming to terms with the past in order move forward in life.

In keeping with her previous novel, The Art Of French Kissing, Harmel’s main character leaves behind her problems by heading to Europe. A colorful group of Romans include a fiery Italian waitress, Karina and a charming stranger named Marco, are the companions to Cat’s living changing Roman holiday.

A compelling, humorous read, Italian For Beginner’s also shows Harmel’s deeper side as a writer. Cat’s struggle to face her past raises some very thought provoking material about the ability to take an honest look at your parents from an adult point of view.

Additionally, Kristin has also included recipes for the tantalizing meals that nourished Cat’s soul along the way. Reading Italian For Beginner’s is the smart recessionista’s solution for a European holiday this year.

Making the grade out of 5 stars…

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