Sandra Bullock exclusive video interview

Sandra Bullock dishes The Blind Side and why the tale of the Tuohys compelled her to tackle the toughest role of her career. Bullock portrays a mother who leads her family to adopt a homeless teenager. In our exclusive video interview, Bullock — the daughter of two opera singers — Bullock sings the praises of Tennessee mom Leigh Ann Tuohy and the remarkable The Blind Side.

In real life, Tuohy and her Memphis-based family took in a homeless black teenager who immediately and effortlessly melded into their life. Michael Oher, as Leigh Ann told us exclusively, changed
their lives much more than the Tuohy’s altered Oher’s. Having Bullock portray her in a major motion picture was the further from
Tuohy’s mind when she pulled over to help a classmate of her children.

Sandra Bullock gets direction from The Blind Side director John Lee Hancock

Michael Oher’s story is told by director John Lee Hancock (The Rookie) on screen and by Michael Lewis in the book, The Blind Side.

Oher’s success arises from hard work and determination and also a tale of how a mother’s love, regardless of where the maternal affection arises, is key to any child’s
successful life journey.

Bullock agrees, The Blind Side is about unconditional love. And yes, the film has football in it and the man at the center of the story currently is tearing up the NFL as a revered
member of the Baltimore Ravens.

But as Bullock’s co-star, Tim McGraw told us The Blind Side is so much more than a football film.

Tim McGraw plays Sandra Bullock's husband in The Blind Side

Bullock was initially resistant to tackle the role that is currently earning her Oscar buzz. After spending 30 minutes face-to-face with Leigh Ann Tuohy the dynamo — the superstar was on
board The Blind Side express. 

Exclusive video: The Blind Side Sandra Bullock interview

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