Bruno DVD and Blu-ray LaToya Jackson cut scene

Bruno arrives on Blu-ray and DVD November 17 and we’ve got the LaToya Jackson interview that was removed from the Sasha Baron Cohen starring film in light of Michael Jackson’s death.

Bruno debuts on DVDWith the Bruno home video release, two videos that did not make the film’s final cut are included on the DVD and Blu-ray.
Disgraced baseball great Pete Rose suffers the Bruno assault.

Cohen, besides being fabulous for being married to Isla Fisher, is also the mastermind behind Borat and Da
Ali G Show
. Stealing scenes from other people’s movies is also a forte of Cohen. Imagine Johnny Depp’s Sweeney
or Will Ferrell’s Talladega Nights without hurricane Sasha Baron Cohen? You can’t!

The Bruno DVD and Blu-ray bonus features are many, but the stand-out in this reporter’s mind is The Making
of a Mackumentary
. From Spinal Tap through, you guessed it, Bruno, this is a “making of” that selflessly looks beyond itself to celebrate the mini-genre’s
rich history.

In the cinema history vein, the Bruno DVD and Blu-ray also includes the feature Ode to Lederhosen. Mel Brooks’ The Producers, National Lampoon’s European
and even The Sound of Music get the royal Lederhosen treatment.

LaToya Jackson with Bruno: new scene!

Bruno: What it’s about

Cohen takes another one of his Da Ali G Show characters, the Austrian fashion expert Bruno and brings his flamboyant story to the big screen.

Much as Borat sought to explore America, Bruno heads to America. This time, Cohen’s character is in search of fame. In our celebrity-rich culture, Cohen’s Bruno
manages to skewer while it effortlessly entertains.

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