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Ghost Whisperer finds the Devil

Ghost Whisperer presents an all-new episode tonight and SheKnows has an inside look at the Jennifer Love Hewitt mystical smash.

Devil’s Bargain is the title of tonight’s Ghost Whisperer and with a moniker like that, all Hell could break loose for Melinda (Hewitt).

Is Melinda making a bargain with the Devil on tonight's Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer preview

Eli (Jamie Kennedy) and Jim (David Conrad) come together to solve a crime when each of their superiors become possessed by ghosts. The guy’s bosses, Mark Moses and guest star Bruce Davison,
share a secret that could be the key to the entire mystery. There is a woman haunting them who went missing years ago that gets Melinda (Hewitt) involved. Where it puts her is nothing like you have ever seen before on Ghost Whisperer.

The November 6 Ghost Whisperer is an extra-special episode in that it is written by the show’s executive produce PK Simonds.

The song list for the November 6 Ghost Whisperer tonight has been released:

  • This Far by Landon Pigg
  • Blacktop Cab by Crista Couture
  • Talking To Me by Jeremy Kay
  • Psychotic Girl by The Black Keys
  • Upside Down by Karlie Bruce
  • Keep Strong by Phunkpiranha
  • Wicked by Jupiter Rising
  • Fantaisie – Impromptu in C-Sharp Mi. Op. 66 by Chopin

All of the Ghost Whisperer featured music appears on the show’s MySpace page.

Ghost Whisperer Devil’s Bargain preview

An inside look at the episode airing tonight at 8 pm on CBS.

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