Here comes the bride: Chick Lit gets married

What are the best Chick Lit novels about brides?

Shopaholic Ties the KnotHere is SheKnows Chick Lit’s top 5 “Bride Lit” books to read while planning for “I do.” And don’t
miss the opportunity to win a fabulously sexy Mia bustier and thong by Affinitas Intimates.

What kind of Chick Lit bride am I?

After 36-years, five months and 25 days (but who’s counting?) I finally got engaged. As soon as my fiance slipped the sparkly ring on my finger, I started thinking, what kind of bride was I
going to be? I didn’t imagine myself as a Bridezilla, but I also knew I’d need to be in control of, um, everything. So, as I put on my wedding planner hat and began to map out the
details of my wedding, I thought about the heroines in some of my all-time favorite Bride Lit novels.

Some made mistakes, others uncovered secrets and like any woman on her road to the altar, they all had a journey of ups and downs. But by the last page of their stories, everything turned out okay.
And that’s why I say reading a good Chick Lit book can be the perfect kind of escape- especially at a time like this.

So as I continue to excitedly plan for my own happy ending, when I come across an irritating email from a future in-law (I’m sorry the hotel doesn’t have 250 count thread sheets!)
instead of booking a massage appointment or scheduling an emergency therapy session, the first vow I’m making is to myself: to re-read some of my favorite Chick Lit books with brides.

At the very least, I’d prefer to think about a fictional bride’s dilemmas than my own. Because, let’s face it even for a woman in the, er, the middle of her third decade of life,
big life changing event + family = guaranteed drama.

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

The poor bride-to-be heroine in this fabulous debut novel by Emily Giffin is betrayed by her fiancée and her best friend. Suddenly my own future hubby’s indifference to the colors of
our save the date card doesn’t seem so bad.

Something Blue by Emily Giffin

Now you hear the story from the best friend’s POV (Yeah, the one that cheated). Not that an affair is ever justified, but somehow Emily Giffin makes this woman who betrayed her best friend,
sympathetic. She also makes me believe that my future in-law who keeps barraging me with annoying emails might just have her reasons.

(Both rights to Something Borrrowed and Something Blue were bought by Hilary Swank and her producing partner and SheKnows Chick Lit will be bringing fans all the latest on the

Hilary Swank could be starring in Something Borrowed

Shopaholic Ties The Knot by Sophie Kinsella

I love a book that makes me laugh out loud. Sophie Kinsella’s heroine, Shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood, attempts to plan two
weddings at the same time. And it’s fun to be an outsider looking in as she makes blunder after blunder while trying. Suddenly I don’t feel so bad for forgetting to call the DJ back and
misspelling certain friends names on our wedding website!

The Bachelorette Party by Karen McCullah Lutz

This is one of my favorite Chick Lit books of all time. (A little trivia: she also wrote the screenplay for Legally Blonde!) This book surrounds the events of a night we’ve all
experienced…whether we’ve been the fool in the veil running around Vegas (which could now be me!) or one of the fools with a plastic penis around her neck chasing after the fool in the
veil (which was at one point me!). It reminds me to not take myself too seriously while planning my big day.

I Do (But I Don’t) by Cara Lockwood

Win tihs!I have a love affair with parentheses (as you can see
from this post! And now!). So when I saw the title of this book, I was already hooked. This story told from a wedding planner’s perspective is a fun read. It has a sequel (which I’m
also a big fan of) that’s called I Did (But I Wouldn’t Now).

Both books remind you to have fun while planning your big day and don’t let things like, a stalker ex-girlfriend dressed as a bridesmaid, get in your way! As far as I know, my fiance’s
exes are all married off so hopefully that won’t be one of my problems!

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