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Disney’s A Christmas Carol inside look

Disney’s A Christmas Carol lands in theaters November 6 starring Jim Carrey and SheKnows has an incredible behind-the-scenes look at how Carrey tackled four characters.

Oscar-winner Robert Zemeckis directs his latest envelope-pushing animated feature (after The Polar Express) based on the beloved holiday story by Charles Dickens.

Jim Carrey as two roles in Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol

To cast Jim Carrey as the iconic Scrooge is a stroke of genius. The man is an animated cartoon by himself. With the added
magic of Disney artisans painting Zemeckis’ picture, prepared by be stunned visually and vocally by Carrey’s Scrooge.

Zemeckis also has Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Bob Hoskins, Robin Wright Penn and Cary Elwes in his cast that tells the story of Christmas past, present and future as it pertains to Mr Scrooge.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol promises to be a multi-sensory cinematic ride as Zemeckis ups the animation ante by presenting his A Christmas Carol in 3D.

The story is a familiar one of Ebenezer Scrooge (Carrey), who commences his holiday with his steady flow of negative attitude. Oldman portrays Scrooge’s long-suffering clerk with the family
at home including Tiny Tim. Firth voices Tiny Tim and gives audiences a new take on the iconic character who represents us all.

Gary Oldman carries Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol

As Scrooge brings his evil mentality to Christmas making Oldman’s family holiday almost impossible to enjoy, three ghosts appear and take Scrooge on a journey hoping to change his outlook and
his life.

Carrey is not only Scrooge, but portrays the three ghosts who visit him as well.

To think that Dickens work was first published in 1843 and is still relevant today and about to grace screens as audiences have never seen it, is absolutely incredible.

Jim Carrey: finding four characters feature

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