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This is It: Top 10 music movies


Pirate Radio

SheKnows caught the British film in London in October that lands in US theaters November 13. Rarely does a film celebrate music as Pirate Radio does in droves.

Richard Curtis, creator of Love, Actually and Notting Hill, sends his own love letter to rock n’ roll and the result is one of music movies’ best of all time.

A Pirate preview:


Pirate Radio is the king of telling a music story while so effectively using its soundtrack music. Boasting a soundtrack of Kinks and Rolling Stones, Pirate Radio never gets lost in its musical excellence to forget that it is telling a story.

A compelling story is the mildest of descriptions to capture the ride that is the boat trip of Pirate Radio.

Stay tuned to SheKnows for our full London coverage of Pirate Radio including interviews with stars Talulah Riley, Nick Frost and Pirate Radio breakout star Tom Sturridge on November 8!

SheKnows sneak peak: Pirate Radio director’s exclusive interview with SheKnows debuts October 30!

Tie: Saturday Night Fever & Woodstock

Saturday Night Fever captures the ’70s and Woodstock captures the ’60s as a twin towers of cinematic ode to a musical era.

John Travolta in the 1970s classic Saturday Night Fever

Disco and hippie rock could not be more far from alike, yet when witnessing Saturday Night Fever and Woodstock in the same breath of thought, the two “films of the decade” combine for a perfect cinematic duet to celebrate an era’s musical influence.

Woodstock, the Oscar-winning documentary

The Last Waltz

The Band are an enigma in the history of pop music. The Robbie Robertson-led band served as rock icon Bob Dylan’s backup Band for years while simultaneously carving out their own legacy.

When they decided to call it quits, Martin Scorsese arrived with his camera and chronicled a moment in time music will now, thankfully, never forget.

Who showed up to give their musical support for an audience’s eternal pleasure? Try legends of the day Eric Clapton, Dylan and Neil Young. 

The Commitments

The Commitments is the ultimate music movie.

The Irish film about a band of brothers (and sisters) who seek to form a soul music group in ’90s Dublin not only triumphs the music at its core that the band performs, but captures the essence of why we love music. 

The Commitments break-out track: Try a Little Tenderness:

The soundtrack is a who’s-who of soul legends including Try a Little Tenderness, Mustang Sally, Take Me To the River and Chain of Fools and In the Midnight Hour, The Commitments is the purest of music movies in its celluloid proclamation of music’s power to transcend borders, religion, peoples, gender and politics.

The 1 we can’t wait 4: nine

Michael Jackson is not the only one singing on screen this fall as Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Daniel Day Lewis, Judi Dench and an army of A-listers bring Nine to life in December. We can’t wait.

Penelope Cruz in December's Nine

Honorable mention: All That Jazz, Cabaret, Evita, Fame (1980), Fiddler on the Roof, Funny Face, Footloose, Flashdance, Say Anything, Once, A Hard Day’s Night, This is Spinal Tap, Amadeus, Buena Vista Social Club, Stop Making Sense

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