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Patrick Swayze’s widow visits Oprah

Patrick Swayze’s death on September 14 left the world reeling. Now, his wife Lisa Niemi is ready to open up about how she survived losing her true love — and a national treasure — to pancreatic cancer.

Patrick and Lisa's bookOn Friday’s episode of
The Oprah Winfrey Show, Niemi will sit down with Oprah to talk about The Time of My Life, the memoir she and Swayze wrote
before he passed.

In addition to offering inspiration with Swayze’s cancer story, the book chronicling his life on stage, screen, and television and pays homage to the romance that sustained through it all.

The inspiration for Swayze’s She’s like the Wind, Niemi, 53, was only 15 years old when she met Swayze and the pair went on to celebrate 34 years of marriage before he passed away at 57.

The the actress/writer/director was by his side for the ups and downs in his career, not to mention throughout his cancer battle. In fact, with Swayze at work on The Beast, she
even used her pilot license to fly him to treatments.

Clearly, not your typical Hollywood couple! Tune in to hear their story Friday.

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