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Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song: the SheKnows review

There are certain things you can count on with a Nicholas Sparks’ book and his legions of fans — both women and men — know this clearly. When fans crack open one of Sparks’ many novels, they will find a story with warmth, compassion, family, love, healing, a Christian thread and you know you’ll need a box of Kleenex for the dramatic, usually happy ending.

Nicholas SparksIn his newest novel, The Last Song, 17-year-old Veronica “Ronnie” and her younger brother, Jonah, are forced to spend the summer with their father, Steve, at his beachside house in North Carolina.

Sparks’ Ronnie and her younger brother, Jonah, are forced to spend the summer with their father, Steve, at his beach-side house in North Carolina.

Steve is a professional pianist who once taught at Julliard and who passed his talent on to Ronnie. Since the divorce, however, Ronnie refuses to play the piano to spite her dad. With little respect for authority or her father’s rules, Ronnie takes off the moment she arrives at her dad’s beach house, heading to the boardwalk where she finds local kids her age. What she also finds is Will, the local heartthrob, and the power of first true love.

Like all of Sparks’ books, The Last Song is about love — family love, first love and love between parents.

It never quite captures the magic of first love the way Sparks’ best works (The Notebook and A Walk To Remember) do, but fans won’t be disappointed. It’s a great story of Ronnie coming of age, discovering her true self and falling in love for the first time. It’s also about a family that finds a way to heal, forgive and come together when they need to most.

And SheKnows Chick Lit heard that Sparks wrote the movie script version with Miley Cyrus in mind — we think she’ll make an edgy yet wholesome Ronnie and can’t wait to see how The Last Song translates onto the big screen — hopefully, much like The Notebook and A Walk to Remember.

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