Ugly Betty gets promoted

Oct 16, 2009 at 2:33 p.m. ET

The Meade season finale shakeup is over, but The Butterfly Effect takes hold in Ugly Betty's return.

Ugly Betty is back!Having taken her first step up the corporate ladder, Betty tries to settle in as Mode's associate features editor. Her excitement wanes, however, under the vengeful eye of the new managing editor, Matt, her spiffed up and still bitter ex-beau.

He does little to hide his distaste, while the rest of the staff does even less to hide their jealousy over Betty's promotion. Still down a peg on the latter, Marc is sure he deserved the job, and Betty doesn't get any support from her new officemate, Megan (Smith Cho), who steals her malaria story mid-pitch.

Daniel returns to work still mourning his late wife and is lost without Betty outside his office keeping him in line. Even worse, his attempts to support his old assistant backfire, making everyone even more infuriated with Betty.

Always one to find the inspiration she needs, however, Betty gains new perspective after spending time with insect jewelry designer Olivia, played by guest star Lynn Redgrave.

Beyond the Betty effect

Higher up on the food chain these days on Ugly Betty, Claire asks a surprised Wilhelmina to stay on as Mode editor in chief. Of course, if she accepts, she has to report to Claire!

Wili cringes, but her focus these days is elsewhere. She's busy driving Marc crazy over a big secret at home, which must have to do with her daughter -- top model alum Yaya Dacosta, who returns as spoiled Nico.

Meanwhile, Justin hits high school, where bullies give him a hard time for being "different." He'll do his best to keep that from Mom, but Hilda eventually gets wise to the situation. At a loss, she calls on experience, turning to flamboyant Marc.

During the second hour, 3rd Rock from the Sun alum Kristen Johnson guest-stars as Daniel's new temp, who inspires Amanda to do some soul-searching of her own.

Ugly Betty returns to ABC at 8 pm October 16.