Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice inside scoop

Oct 15, 2009 at 3:20 p.m. ET

Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice: it's that time of the week again! Tonight we get a Grey's and Private Practice crossover!

The merger comes to a head tonight when the Mercy West doctors show up at Seattle Grace on Grey's Anatomy; while Miranda crosses over to the West Coast for business -- and pleasure -- on Private Practice.

On Grey's Anatomy, the women war

With Meredith in recovery from last week's transplant, the Seattle Grace staff doubles in size and stress as all wait to hear who will be cut -- and someone big will be least for now.

Word is Izzie is given the boot, so that Katherine Heigl can go shoot a Josh Duhamel movie, but is set to return to Grey's when the movie wraps. Also expect to see less of Meredith in coming eps, as Ellen Pompeo closes in on her maternity leave.

As the Seattle Grace crew gets territorial, the incoming newbies fight to find footing in their new home. Needless to say, not everyone is going to play fair and a level of chaos is sure to ensue.

Among the incoming newbies are Sarah Drew, Nora Zehetner, Robert Baker and Jesse Williams. It's a good looking bunch, which raises the question of how the hot new talent will affect the romantic storylines on Grey's Anatomy, but we'll have to wait and see who's even staying.

Meanwhile, Hector Elizondo returns as Cali's father. Hoping to "cure" her of her lesbian tendencies, he calls in a priest to help convince her to date men. Cali is furious, but her girlfriend offers some sage advice.

One person who won't worry about her place at Seattle Grace is Miranda, who is sent to Los Angeles with a kidney transplant patient. There on business, she quickly finds herself embroiled in all the soapy Private Practice office drama.

Not only does she land a kiss from hunky Dr Sam, but she gets caught up in Addison's relationship turmoil.

Last week, Addison was still crushed over her aborted fling with married Dr Noah, but trying to move on. Unfortunately, this week his wife Morgan returns to point the finger. There's also that tension between Addy and her former best pal Audra to contend with.

Bigger news, perhaps, is the big Who's The Daddy reveal. Pete's been taking care of Violet's baby, but this week we'll find out whether or not he's actually the father.

Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice air tonight on ABC.

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