Entertainment news of the week: October 9, 2009

Oct 9, 2009 at 3:19 p.m. ET

These were the top entertainment news stories for the week ending October 9, 2009.

Most stylish celebrity of the week

Iman defies time and shows why she was one of the first black supermodels, posing at the American Ballet Theater's 2009 Fall Gala. Radiant skin, amazing hair and a sparkly slice of a gown help Iman look a good 15 years younger than she is. Love how the gown is clingy and low-cut, yet really doesn't reveal much at all.

Jon Gosselin takes dirtbag to a new level

What better way to show your love and concern for your kids than to steal $230,000 from their mother? Jon Gosselin told TLC they couldn't film his kids anymore, then cleared out a bank account held jointly by him and soon-to-be ex Kate Gosselin, in clear violation of a court order. A judge's ruling on the matter has been held up due to a death in his family, but until then how is Kate to pay for her highlights?

Tyler Perry reveals childhood abuse

Funnyman Tyler Perry let fans in on a not-so-funny secret: he was the victim of an extremely abusive childhood, suffering at the hands of his father, grandmother and other adults he should have been able to trust. Perry's revelation came after watching a screening of Precious, which details a girl's struggle to escape the same kind of horrifying life from which Perry escaped.

Miley Cyrus stops Tweeting

Shock! Horror! Miley Cyrus abruptly deleted her Twitter account because her boyfriend told her to. Think we can get him to tell her to quit the biz and move to Siberia?