The Office wedding preview

The Office is holding a wedding and everyone’s invited. Jim and Pam, our favorite Office romance, finally tie the knot on tonight’s show and SheKnows has all your video previews and special features.

The Office weddingJim and Pam, otherwise known as John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, share some behind-the-scenes action with our video featurette as well as the blog that everyone is talking about
— Pam’s wedding Vblog!

NBC’s The Office has a special one-hour show tonight to mark the big Office wedding of Jim and Pam.

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With the wedding to be held in Niagara Falls, Jim and Pam believed they had found the means with which to remove any possibility of any Office folk joining and/or ruining their

When Michael (Steve Carell) gives everyone days off on either side of the weekend…everybody’s

SheKnows gives you the lucky couple’s wedding website,

The Office kiss heard around the TV worldThe site is
crafted by Pam and features the former receptionist and budding sales superstar’s thoughts on her approaching nuptials.

Fischer is a good sport and a real Office team player for creating this entire wedding tribute, all in character.

After the show airs October 8, check back at Pam’s website for complete wedding photos!

The Office wedding: four years in the making

The Office one-hour episode that could be in the running for the romantic-comedy television event of the year, did not arrive out of no where.

Jim and Pam’s romance has been methodically produced through years of Emmy-winning acting, writing and sentiment that The Office still rules television’s roost.

The Office documents a wedding:

Pam Beesly’s wedding Vlog!

Here’s the bride-to-be, Pam Beesly, as she reveals her inner-thoughts about her upcoming nuptials on her all-new vblog.

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