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Gossip Girl gets Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks

Gossip Girl is hitting its third season stride. With Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks guest-starring tonight, that Gossip Girl heat is just warming up.

Hilary Duff has always been a fan of Gossip Girl, she says in this video interview. As for Banks, starring on the show as a
demanding starlet to whom Blake Lively’s Serena must attend was a no-brainer, given her America’s Next Top Model also on the CW. But, as you will see in the interview below, Tyra didn’t
walk — she ran — for the opportunity to appear on one of her favorite shows.

Hilary Duff on joining Gossip Girl

Tyra Banks’ role on the nighttime soap opera has the actress thrilled at the prospect of portraying someone she knows well, but who is far from her true self.

Of course, there are those rumors from Janice Dickinson that Tyra is less than kind to people she does not care for — but let’s also consider the source of those tales.

Serena’s heart-to-heart chat with Banks’ character will go down as one of Gossip Girl’s best scenes.

Here’s Tyra to talk about the entire Gossip Girl experience:

Tyra’s turn

And by the way, the guest star excellence does not end with Banks and Duff: Designer Tory Birch is also visiting the Gossip Girl crew.

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